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May 26, 2024

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Husband Charged in Honeymoon Murder of Wife

By Taylor Bronson

Breakout City – James Smith of Breakout City has been officially charged with the murder of his wife, Victoria Van Kress. The couple were honeymooning in Maui following their wedding. On June 6th, the bride was found strangled to death in their hotel room. Smith, who returned to the hotel room after visiting the lobby for a few minutes, called 911.

Police quickly turned their attention to Smith and moved to take him into custody. Shortly thereafter, it was decided that they had enough evidence against him to formally charge him with murdering his wife.

While Smith’s possible motives are not yet clear, several hotel employees have come forward to share what they know. One waitress witnessed firsthand a fight between Smith and Van Kress the night before she was murdered. The waitress said it was very heated, and while she tried to keep her distance, she couldn’t help but get the impression that the fight had something to do with Van Kress’s family.

Victoria Van Kress is the granddaughter of wealthy businessman, Martin Van Kress, and the niece of actress Darlene Van Kress (Carmichael), who is famous for starring in the period film Belle of the South. Van Kress is survived by an extensive family including parents Drew and Portia Van Kress and brother Julien.

Smith insists that he is innocent and that someone else murdered his wife. No court date has yet been set for the trial. While no motive has been officially confirmed by police, it is rumored that there may have been financial misdealings on the part of Smith in his role as accountant for the family.

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