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June 16, 2024

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SWM seeks SWF

If you enjoy theater, sailing, or long walks on the beach let's get together.

Seeking the one who got away. J, please we must walk hand in hand through life’s changeable weather. Otherwise there will be none left who will know the truth. -V

MWF seeks discrete WM for weekly playdates.

If interested please send photo.

All the world’s a stage. And this city is one of the grandest stages of all. The question is, who is the director? I know and I am willing to share all my secrets with you IF you ask the right questions.

Problems? Need help? We’re ready and willing to be your personal “A” team. Contact the offices of Bailey Detective Company.

Getting Married? Getting Divorced?

Getting up there? Whatever stage of life you’re in, I can help. From prenuptial agreements to last will and testaments I can serve all your family planning needs. Contact The Law Offices of Owen Huntley, Esq. today.

Searching for a Lost Love?

Want to know what the future holds? Stuck with a problem you can’t solve? Get help and advice from Miss Clarice, astrologer to the rich and powerful.

Lost Guinea Pig

Lost on the 1200 block of Dayton Street. Reward offered.

Found. Silver heart locket with picture inside on Lincoln Avenue. Owner should be prepared to describe locket and picture.

For Sale

Recreational fishing boat. Don’t let this be the one that got away! Contact Box 412 for information.

Help Wanted

A local non-profit needs an assistant to go through several years worth of information and organize files. May lead to a permanent position for the right candidate.

Job Fair

Saturday 10 am – 4 pm at the White Towers hotel. 2015 Washington Avenue. Bring your resume and come prepared to interview with over forty companies representing the hospitality, entertainment, and tech industries.